about us 


TIKETA was the first company in Lithuania to
introduce the latest-generation ticket distribution system,
providing full range of ticketing services. This unique system offers brand new
possibilities to event visitors - they can make ticket reservations by phone,
book and purchase electronic tickets online and print them on a simple printer.

The new ticket distribution system, presented by TIKETA, completely changes the approach to ticket purchasing. Visitors can purchase their e-tickets at any time of the day without leaving their home. By allowing event organizers quickly distribute large amounts of tickets and making it convenient for event visitors to purchase tickets, TIKETA became a major player in Lithuanian entertainment industry. TIKETA offers tickets to events that take place in Lithuania as well as in foreign countries.

TIKETA ticket distribution system is modeled on examples of successfully operating ticketing systems abroad. In other countries, where e-tickets to events can be bought by the Internet, hundreds of thousands of tickets are sold in the matter of hours. That is why the system is useful to event organizers: Internet significantly expands the numbers of people who can be served in a short time in comparison to the booking-office.

TIKETA is ISO 9001:2000 certified since December 2008.

Using the services provided by TIKETA, event visitors can see all ticket offerings at specific time on the Internet and in all TIKETA sales points. They can choose a ticket in the preferred sector of the hall and immediately purchase it online or at the booking-office.